torstai 29. toukokuuta 2014

Pari Lokkii - Couple of Gulls

Immature Caspian, Herring or Hybrid, the same in next four photos. Bill and head pro Caspian but underwing is suspicious and tail pattern could be better. Aging is difficult for me, new inner prims are adult type, some new scapulars are adult type, there's only a small mirror in P10, underwing and body are quite dirty-looking and bill 2cy-type.

 We had a nice five hours gulling session with Jaakko Esama in Köyliö, Hallavaara dumb (SW Finland) yesterday (27.5.2014). Around 1600 Herring Gulls, most of them immatures (c.90%) and about one third 2cy birds. The most interesting individuals were three unidentified birds (surprise), a leucistic Herring Gull, seven subadult (4-5cy) Baltic Gulls and one 2cy LBBG.

A 2cy Caspish-looking individual but the tail doesn't fit in. Same one below. Underwing wasn't seen. 

A Herring Gull or hybrid, like 2cy but P4 and P3 pattern is puzzling me. The same individual in next five photos.

2cy LBBG, the same below.

A leucistic Herring Gull or hybrid. Rather long-winged individual.

Probable Caspian Gull, very long neck and bill without gonydeal angle.

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