sunnuntai 23. helmikuuta 2014

The First Stejneger's Stonechat for Finland Confirmed

Stejneger's Stonechat, Orivesi, Finland, 7th Nov 2013. All photos (C) Jani Vastamäki.
A late Siberian Stonechat was found from Orivesi 31st Oct 2013 by Olli Sassi. It was originally thought to be European Stonechat but was soon re-IDed as a Siberian and suspected to belong in stejnegeri subspecies. Jani Vastamäki managed to catch and ring the bird on 7th Nov. Few dropped feathers were taken for DNA-analysis - fortunately, as the bird was just confirmed to be stejnegeri! This is only the second observation of this taxon in WP and the first for Finland. Information about the first one can be found in Birding Frontiers:

The stonechat taxonomy is still far from clear and there is some ongoing studies. Hopefully Stejneger's Stonechat will be confirmed to be a full species on its own and we can safely tick it in near future :)

Finland seems to get more than a fair share of stonechats; 2013 saw not only the first Stejneger's but also the first and the second Caspian Stonechats. Also the Pied Bushchat is still fresh in the memory!

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