maanantai 9. joulukuuta 2013

Hypa ja Fuscus - Glaucous and LBBG

Jaakko Esama found this beautifull 1cy Glaucous Gull from Santakangas landfill today. It is the first for the season in landfill and second in Pori. There's been fairly many GG's in central and eastern Finland this autumn so there is hope to find more of these later on.
Esaman Jaska löys kauden ensimmäisen nuoren isolokin Santakankaalta tänäpä. 550:n argarin joukosta paljastui myös nuori selkälokki, harvinaista herkkua joulukuulla, joskin selkeästi tavallisempi kuin Jaskan 4.12. kuvaama vanha yksilö.  

Kaikki kuvat All pics (C) Jaakko Esama

Jaakko found also this smart looking 1cy LBBG which is even better bird than GG at this time of year. As far as I know this is only the 4th reliable record of 1cy LBBG in winter months from Satakunta-county.
This could well be nominate fuscus or heuglini. There's no renewed scaps or any other feathers in upperparts and the plumage is fresh overall. Structuraly it seems good Baltic Gull. Relatively long bill points towards it being a male bird. Nice one anyways, seems like I'm going gull-watching tomorrow :)

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