tiistai 29. lokakuuta 2013

Lisää leukistista merikihua - More pics of leucistic Arctic Skua

Taru Suninen kindly sent me some more pics of the leucistic Arctic Skua (Parasitic Jaeger) we saw in Säppi B.O. 24th  October. Many thanks Taru!
Tom Nordblad asked about leucism in Skuas from Klaus Malling Olsen who is one of the best Skua experts in the world and KMO's answer was:  "Leucism in skuas are very rare, although regular in parts of plumage in North Atlantic (especially along leading edge of wing) - but i have not before seen a bird like this! I wonder about chances for such a bird to survive"
So this truly is an extraordinary phenomena among skuas. I certainly haven't seen anything similar before, not in the field or in pics. It's interesting to see if this distinctive individual is seen again...

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