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Pale-bellied Brent - The First for Pori!

New month and new tick. June started nicely with Pale-bellied Brent, the first ever in my hometown Pori and in whole Satakunta county! Pasi Alanko found this 2cy bird from Yyteri where it stayed at least to late afternoon. Nominate Brent Goose is also locally scarce species and we usually get one or two in spring season and at most few tens in autumn despite the fact there's thousands and thousands migrating every year via Gulf of Finland, just 200 km's away. P-b Brent is a rarity all over Finland and this was only the second individual this year in the country.
Copyright Pasi Alanko
Edit: Here is another shot of the P-b Brent Goose where it is in quite a different lightning conditions. There's been some discussion about the very pale plumage and possibility of some aberration. I'm sure the pic above clears some water and in my opinion it's still a good hrota

Blyth's Reed Warbler has the best ever spring going on due the ever-continuing easterly winds. I heard 25 males this morning and 51 yesterday! Usually one gets some 15 males per season in western coast of Finland. Also River Warbler is enjoying a good season with already 17 singing males in Pori this year when normal numbers are less than five.

I searched Tahkoluoto through out in the hope of Booted Warbler or something but found "only" some Icterine, Blyth's Reed, River and Marsh Warblers and a single Golden Oriole. In Kallioholma, the westernmost tip of Pori I had to stop and count the sea of drake Eiders. In recent year we've had only some one or two thousand molting drake Eiders per summer so when I finished my count after an hour I was astonished to see the total was as much as 9889 individuals (including some females and first chicks)! A single adult male King Eider was among them and was a welcome prize for counting.

I was evenly surprised to Eider count as I was when I noticed that a mammal is staring at me in Kalliholma. It was a nice male Roe Deer, a common species in Pori but I have never seen one in Kallioholma which is basically a small rock connected to mainland only by a narrow artificial mound.

 Handsome fella.
 Proof that it was really photographed in Kallioholma :)

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