maanantai 27. toukokuuta 2013

20.5. Tel-Aviv, Ha Yarkon Park

On Monday we had few hours before our flight back to Finland. The time was shortened still by a flat tyre discovered first thing in the morning. Anyway, we got in Ha Yarkon park in Tel-Aviv before long. Last time we visited the place in November 2012 we couldn't find our target species but this time it was easy as pie. Three nice Vinous-breasted Starlings were feeding on the ground with Monk Parakeets. Splendid!

V-b Starling has special style to move when on the ground. It's kind of hopping and walking at the same time and it moves it's feet in turn which allows to distinguish it from the much more numerous Common Myna even from great distance as Myna moves both feet together.

Monk Parakeet is very common in the Park. Two pairs were fighting or playing for a long time when they met on the ground. It looked like females and males were "playing" separately. Monk Parakeet as well as V-b Starling are introduced Category-C species but are countable as a tick since the populations are self-sustainable in Israel.

Three different plumages of Cattle Egret. On top an adult in full breeding plumage with red bare parts coloration. Non-breeding birds in the middle and a juvenile with still black bill in the bottom. The juvenile got me fooled for a while because I haven't ever seen one with a black bill before but there it was in my Collin's Guide :)

Photogenic Hoopoe, the national bird of Israel and a good way to end the trip. Thanks to Jände, Tom and Esko for company, driving, correcting my ID's etc and to Markus Lampinen, Itai Shanni and Yoav Perlman for providing information of Sooty Falcon and other species!

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