sunnuntai 26. toukokuuta 2013

19.5. Ma'agan Micha'el

We spent our last full day mainly in Ma'agan Micha'els fish ponds. We went through the whole area which is several kilometers long and about half to one km wide.

From the southern parts of the area we found a tower which was ok for birdwatching. I guess it could be usefull for seawatch but our timing (afternoon) was bad for that.

In the Saturday evening the beach was full of local tourists but Sunday was more peaceful. On the islet in the background was a small Yellow-legged Gull colony. Only seabirds were 40 Cory's Shearwater in Saturday evening and a Gannet which I missed.

When birdwatching in Ma'agan Micha'el it's goof idea to use car as a hide. When getting out of the car, one should be extra careful not to flush birds.

Little Egret, one of about 500 individuals in Ma'agan Micha'el.

Numbers of Night Herons were amazing. We (under)estimated 600 mostly adult birds.

One of 15 Squacco Herons.
The sole Spoonbill.
One of about ten Purple Herons.

2cy male Little Bittern. This species was very easy to see in Ma'agan Micha'el. We saw 14 males on Sunday, they only gave flight views though.

The only Spotted Redshank of the trip. Other waders in the fish ponds were Ruffs, Little Stints, Dunlins, Wood Sandpiper, B-w Stilts, single Avocet, Ringed and S-w Plovers.

Two Black Terns was a nice surprise and an Israeli-tick for everyone.

Little Tern bringing fish gift to it's partner.

Prinias and Clamorous Reed Warblers were numorous in reed beds. We counted c.50 of both.

Common Myna

Turtle Doves - quite a difference in orbital skin size.
Ma'agan Micha'el is known of it's gulls and there was enough for us at this time of year too. We had some 500 Slender-billed, 50 Yellow-legged, 10 Caspian, 5 Lesser Black-backed (heuglini-type), 2 Black-headed and one adult Pallas's Gull. One or two possileb Baraba Gulls were also present.
Yellow-legged Gulls were breeding in islets offshore the beach and had already few youngsters in flight.
Other birds worth of mention were 4 Chukars, a Great Spotted Cuckoo and the first three Cetti's and two Sardinian Warblers for the trip.
In late afternoon, before dipping Painted Snipes third time we visited Pardes Khanna briefly. We didn't get lucky with Nanday Parakeet and I'm not sure if they're even alive anymore. Last observation AFAIK is from March 2012. Anyway, we saw two nice Syrian Woodpeckers and got Great Tit for trip species :)

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